No longer an Ibis-only rider?!?!

My history with Ibis Cycles, a high end MTB brand from California, runs deep. I credit them with opening the door to the many professional opportunities I received while working the business end of the mountain bike industry. Even after I was no longer professionally working for Ibis, they continued to sponsor my riding, and I can’t thank them enough for that support in those early years. However, things change and after YEARS of riding exclusively Ibis bikes, it’s time for something different. I’ll definitely still be riding some Ibis bikes in 2020, but I’m broadening my horizons and will be trying out many different bikes this year. Every bike I ride will [still] be available from Jenson USA. Jenson is one of my biggest and oldest supporters and I want to continue growing that relationship. They carry a ton of other high end MTB brands and I can’t wait to dive in and see what’s available to me!

Jenson USA

You can watch the video to hear about my story with Ibis from the very beginning, and where I see the future taking me now.



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