New Podcast! Meet Russell Bobbitt!

For many in the mountain bike world, the name Russell Bobbitt might be new.  However, for anyone who has a passion for throttles and roost, the factory KTM offroad racer is a household name.  Russell has a slew of accomplishments, including 5 national enduro championships.

Now, why would a bicycle guy like myself be so stoked to meet with such a motorcycle legend?  Well, it turns out Russell is quite the mountain biker!  At the Windrock, TN, EWS qualifier a few weeks ago, Russell finished 4th.  That’s pretty dang impressive for anyone, let alone a guy who isn’t known (yet!) for his mountain bike skills.

I had a great chat with Russel, and it turns out he has a long history riding mountain bikes, and totally loves to shred the pedals.  He even told me he’s eyeing up a kinked rail to grind on his 20” BMX bike.  Legit!

Check out Russell’s new project, and join him for a ride in an epic destination!

Stay tuned for more fun interviews with interesting people on my podcast!

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  1. Russell Bobbitt says:

    Thanks Jeff, great meeting you and hope we can get together to go for a ride!!

    1. jeffkendallweed says:

      Right on Russell, would love to make one of the Gnarly Routes rides!

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