Meet Russell Bobbitt on my podcast, and learn about his bike prowess!

New Podcast! Meet Russell Bobbitt!

For many in the mountain bike world, the name Russell Bobbitt might be new.  However, for anyone who has a passion for throttles and roost, the factory KTM offroad racer is a household name.  Russell has a slew of accomplishments, including 5 national enduro championships.

Now, why would a bicycle guy like myself be so stoked to meet with such a motorcycle legend?  Well, it turns out Russell is quite the mountain biker!  At the Windrock, TN, EWS qualifier a few weeks ago, Russell finished 4th.  That’s pretty dang impressive for anyone, let alone a guy who isn’t known (yet!) for his mountain bike skills.

I had a great chat with Russel, and it turns out he has a long history riding mountain bikes, and totally loves to shred the pedals.  He even told me he’s eyeing up a kinked rail to grind on his 20” BMX bike.  Legit!

Check out Russell’s new project, and join him for a ride in an epic destination!

Stay tuned for more fun interviews with interesting people on my podcast!

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  1. Thanks Jeff, great meeting you and hope we can get together to go for a ride!!

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