Jeff KW riding BMX.

If you don’t know where you’re going…

Then all paths will lead you there!

My name is Jeff Kendall-Weed, and while I can’t quite call myself a professional mountain biker in the traditional sense of that term, I’ve been lucky enough to lead a very bicycle-filled life.

I’ve realized that the sport we all love is not guaranteed any sort of longevity, and after I’ve enjoyed so many memories on two wheels, I want to do all I can to be sure our sport is around forever.  The best way I can do that?  I believe it’s by leveraging my abilities to make (what I hope is) engaging content in a way that promotes the advocacy groups that work for our trails.

This story took a long time to put together- a full 34 years!  Many people ask me what my riding influences are, and honestly, there are many.  From BMX racing and BMX freestyle, to BMX racing, to a teeny tiny bit of trials riding, to slalom, cross country, downhill, and moto, I’ve had influences from many two wheeled worlds.

Big thanks to everyone who has believed in me, and helped me pursue my dreams thus far!

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