I finally got to ride with Phil Kmetz! Yep- Skills with Phil!

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Phil Kmetz has earned himself quite a following with his channel, Skills with Phil, and I’d say he sets the benchmark for what is considered to be good YouTube mountain bike content.

Phil combines his exceptional storytelling and marketing skills with his pro level riding ability to create his unique content.  When Phil was heading to Whistler last week, I sent him a message, and was able to convince him to make a stop happen here in Bellingham, WA.

We almost left the cameras off for our ride, but at the last minute, Phil was curious to see how my workflow goes when I bring Colby along to film.  So, despite a lot of on-camera time for us both recently, we made a collaboration happen!  And it was AWESOME!!!  We got to enjoy a prime Bellingham spring day, with tacky dirt, moist air, and amazing light.  Hope you enjoy this ride as much as we did!

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Big thanks to Colby Mesick (https://www.instagram.com/colbias_funke/) for filming and editing this one!

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