Hangover Trail jump

Hangover Trail with the CREW!

Hangover Trail jump
Hangover Trail in Sedona with Nate Hills, Lars Romig, Kyle Mears, and Mason Bond.

Before you do anything else, check out Nate Hills’ video from this same ride HERE: https://youtu.be/H6gLl819vU8

Hangover Thumb 8

Nate and I have known each other for YEARS, as we were both super into the racing scene for a long time.  Fast forwards to 2019, and Nate is faster than ever, while I’m simply sending it as big as I can, with reckless abandon and minimal focus on speed.  For this ride, we were joined by a SOLID crew of shredders:

Hangover Thumb 9

Hangover Thumb 7

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  1. Sedona is a beautiful place and glad to see you are enjoying another adventure on the trails…icky here and windy..Hope all the equipment works right…

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