Fixing the Galbraith Parking situation!

The Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition does GREAT things for MTB advocacy and stewardship in Whatcom County, and they need our help! The parking situation at Galbraith Mountain is dire. As it stands, the parking lot only holds 30 cars – for the whole mountain! This has led to a ton of people needing to park along the shoulder of Samish Way- a road with a 50MPH speed limit. It’s a really dangerous situation for folks, especially as they’re trying to load and unload bikes (or their kids… and their kid’s bikes)!

Here’s a video of what it looks like out there (BIG thanks to Bridget Moran for sharing this on Facebook!!): 

The WMBC has put forward a new parking lot expansion with the capacity for 140 parking stalls, 10 x 19 long stalls for larger vehicles and bike racks, vault toilets, a kiosk with maps and info about the mountain, and a crosswalk across Samish Way.

This expansion would make a super positive impact for the mountain by increasing safety and accessibility on Galbraith. But the WMBC is a small non-profit, and they need to raise more money to make this expansion a reality! If you’ve got the means, please send them a donation or buy a brick! Every dollar makes a difference.

Galbraith Parking Lot Fundraiser

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