Can I REVERSE Nose Wheelie???

Back in January, I headed down to Mexico City to escape the dreary PNW winter and ride with some of the guys from Mexican Bike Fiesta and Bici y Montaña.

You may remember my video from riding with Santi De Avila at De Avila bike park. Well, I also learned a few tips on from his brother, Jorge (Yorch), on how to master a REVERSE nose wheelie and I gave him some tips on how to dial in a nose wheelie down a slope. 

Quick side note: Yorch’s name is actually Jorge- which is George in English- but when you try to say George with a Spanish accent, it sounds like “Yorch.” Hence the nickname.

If you plan to try these tricks at home, well, great! But watch what happened to Yorch and use that as a word of caution when practicing these tricks. You don’t want to end up with your skull cracked in two! 

Big thanks to Jorge for taking the time to ride with me! It was a blast! 

Check out Jorge’s YouTube Channel Yorch De Avila / Bici Skills

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