Nate Lewis and Jeff Kendall-Weed

Could you make it? We couldn’t!!!

There’s a section of trail here that’s QUITE technical!  It’s along a Ridge, and often has 100’+ shear drops on the rider’s right, and to the left, there are beautiful views of Bellingham Bay and the San Juan Islands.  It’s a magical place, and that trail, to me, is extremely magical.  It embodies much that I love about mountain biking: beautiful spots in the woods, aspirational views, and technical trails that require a second (or third, or fourth, or heck, tenth!) attempt to actually complete.

Don’t fall to the right!  100′ and higher cliffs along the trail.

When the Cascadia Cup ran an enduro down this trail, they turned off and bypassed the technical section of trail that we were attempting.  Heck, this section of trail is so tough that I don’t really know of anyone else who enjoys riding it!

This is a rad section of trail, but terrifying in the wet!

When my good buddy Nate Lewis was in town, I really wanted to show this section to him.  Nate is an absolute boss on the bike, and his hoppy style is super fun to watch.  With almost 15 years experiencing riding bikes together, we have a bit of history as well.  Join as us we attempt to conquer the Ridge!

Nate and I throughout the years:

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