Jeff Kendallweed hiking his bike up La Milagrosa trail

Trail Intern: La Milagrosa in Tucson, AZ

Jeff Lenosky and his Trailboss series of videos are super fun – especially his episode of mountain biking La Milagrosa trail in Tuscon Arizona! “J-Lo” is not just a trials wizard- he helped usher in today’s world of progressive MTB street riding, laying down some SICK video parts in the original freeride films.  I had the honor of riding with him last year down in Florida, and had a blast!  I figured it’d be super fun to pay homage to his video series with this tribute video.

Here is Jeff Lenosky’s original video below:

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I remember finding an issue of Observed Trials Magazine in about 1998- I was just dabbling in the trials world.  Sure enough, the cover had a tall dude on a blue Schwinn.  That was the first time I ever saw a pro trials rider in action, and thought it looked sweet!

La Milagrosa was a really fun trail.  We rode it as a part of the Lemon Drop, descending over 4000 feet.  What a fun day!  And yes, I made the whole climb up, BUT I had to section it.  If I could try it again, I’m fairly confident I could clean it.  Hopefully that chance will come soon!

This video filmed by Bobby Boland and Jeff Kendall-Weed, and edited by Jeff Kendall-Weed.


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  1. Jeff,
    Joel here, ran into you on the homegrown shuttle to bugs (Tucson). I had the HD3. How did you feel the ripmo was suited to the rides you did that day? Hope you enjoyed.

    1. Ripmo was a perfect bike for Bugs and Milagrosa! I didn’t feel anything was steep or burly enough to really require the HD4, and the better climbing abilities of the Ripmo made for a great all around experience.

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