Jeff Kendall-Weed on National Trail in Phoenix Arizona.

Surviving or thriving? 72 hours of desert!

Mountain biking in sunny Arizona is phenomenal!  In a twist of events, I ended up with airfare to Mesa (a suburb of Phoenix) for a long weekend.  With no real “budget” or anything, I just wanted to ride with some locals, getting as much bike time as possible, and hopefully with minimal cactus incidents!

While in the state for only 72 hours, I was lucky enough to ride South Mountain extensively, including Devastator, Geronimo, National, and Mormon trails.  I also rode Pass Mountain Trail, as well as some trails over at Hawes.  And to cap it all off, we had a RAD ride on Mt Lemmon down in Tuscon.  So much fun!

My “Trail Intern” video is also from this trip:

The original video that this spoofs:

Thanks to the guys at for showing me some trails.

Stoked to meet and ride with Kaj-

Bobby did a great job of riding, crashing, and taking sweet photos (including this thumbnail!)

If you’re in Tuscon, and wanna do the AWESOME Lemmon Drop ride, hit up Home Grown!

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Jeff Kendall-Weed on National Trail in Phoenix Arizona.
Jeff Kendall-Weed on National Trail in Phoenix Arizona.


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  1. As usual- great pix and no doubt a stunning video in the works of this latest adventure…no wonder I couldn’t find you around the neighborhood…ride on..

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