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Industry supporters:

Ibis Cycles, available at Jenson USA

An advertisement for the Ibis Bicycles and Jeff Kendall-Weed partnership

I worked at Ibis for 7 years, from late 2008 until early 2015.  I started in the warehouse, and my first big task was to help with the move from the old Scotts Valley location to Ibis’ current warehouse on the west side of Santa Cruz.  Shortly after the move I was promoted to inside sales, where I managed 50% of all Ibis sales.  I will forever be very thankful to the owners of Ibis for giving me a chance to prove myself, especially during the economic recession of 2008!   And I am still honored to be a sponsored athlete to this day!

Kitsbow Cycling Apparel, available at Competitive Cyclist

Banner advertisement for the Kitsbow Cycling apparel x Jeff Kendall-Weed partnership

Kitsbow believed in my ability to ride in front of a camera, and they helped get my video career rolling back in 2014.  Huge thanks to Kitsbow, and to Elliot Wilkinson-Ray for believing in my video stunts!  If you are considering some Kitsbow gear, drop me an email.

Kali Protectives, available at Jenson USA, or use code “ridewithjeff” at www.kaliprotectives.com to earn 15% off!

Kali was an early supporter of mine as well, and I began using their gear in 2014.  The company was still quite young at the time, but I believed in their gear.  After several big crashes, I know first hand that the protection is very effective!

PNW Components, available at Jenson USA, or use code “ridewithjeff” at www.pnwcomponents.com to earn 15% off!

I met one of the owners of PNW Components over a decade ago at a NORBA event, and he and I have been in similar circles ever since.  PNW offers some really great product at some VERY competitive prices, and I am stoked to be running their droppers and cockpits!

Trust Performance

A banner ad for the Trust performance and Jeff Kendall-Weed partnership

I first met Dave Weagle and Hap Seliga while working for Ibis Cycles and was very impressed with their respective work. When they contacted me about running the new Trust fork I jumped on the opportunity because I truly think it is the future of product design.

Wilderness Trail Bikes, available at Jenson USA.

Banner advertisement for Wilderness Trail Bikes and Jeff Kendall-Weed partnership

I managed international sales at WTB from early 2015 through late 2017, and I learned a massive amount at this growing California company.  The whole WTB team is amazing, and gave me a wonderful opportunity.  I have used WTB products ever since I bought my Bontrager Privateer Comp back in 1997!

Shimano, available at Jenson USA.

My favorite grouppo from Shimano is the M8000 series, aka XT 11 speed.  Smooth, reliable, light, and a very fair price.  Shimano has been an amazing supporter for several years now, big thanks to the Japanese component manufacturer!